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Division of Placement Service

Division of Placement Service


First of all, we show a very active and enthusiastic attitude in our service. We hope to boost the vitality of all students and the division of placement service. Our objective is to help the students now studying at our school set a good plan for their career and help graduates make full preparation for their profession. Moreover, to satisfy students’ need for getting a job; we will coordinate and keep in touch with enterprises. We will help our students settle down in their future careers. Also, we will do our best to keep contact with our alumni.

Our service

 On campus

  To collect and provide information of job seekers, job applicants, certificate tests and further education
  To provide articles, magazines and books related to placement, to search and post job opportunities
  To provide a friendly and nice service environment.
  To organize lectures on career planning for graduates.
  To provide counseling related tests and forms
  To provide hot coffee and Internet for our students in their search for job placement
 Off campus
  To give alumni on-line questionnaires
  To manage on-line interactions among alumni
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